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Title: Push Comes To Shove - Epilogue
Author: [ profile] aoife_hime
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: Teen (overall)
Word Count: 476
Summary: Karin and Yuzu speculate about their brother's future.
Notes: Story picks up in the middle of Chapter 239 of the manga (roughly where the anime is at currently, I think... I haven't been following it closely so I'm not entirely sure), so beware of spoilers. However, beyond that everything is of my own imagining, and thus is AU. This last part is the result of the devious part of my brain's machinations after reading the beginning of Chapter 197. Think of it what you will.

Link to Part I
Link to Interlude
Link to Part II

Push Comes To Shove
- Epilogue -

Karin slams the door shut behind her, chest heaving from running home. She spent the entire trip back cursing herself for not remembering to bring an umbrella along to the store – it’s only a short trip, after all, and it didn’t look like it would rain when she left – and now she’s cold and wet, two things she absolutely hates, especially in conjunction with one another. She grumbles as her hair drips water onto the floor, and her shoes squelch a bit as she takes them off. The soles so waterlogged it will probably take over a day to get them completely dry. That’s when she notices it: an extra pair of shoes. Obviously a girl’s, based on the size. But who’s shoes…?

“Yuzu, who’s the guest?” she asks plainly when she finds her sister sitting at the table working on homework. Karin grabs a towel from the kitchen and starts to dry her hair off. A hot bath would feel really good right about now…

Her sister doesn’t even bother to glance up from her homework, just keeps working the math equations as she answers. “Oh, it’s just Tatsuki-san. She came home with Ichigo a little while ago. They’re up in his room.” She suddenly slams her pencil down, though, making Karin jump. She stares back at her sister, who is looking uncharacteristically manic at the moment.

“Yuzu… are you alright…?”

“Honestly, though! Ichi-nii is never going to get a girlfriend if he keeps acting like this and only inviting tomboys over! It’s just so frustrating!”

Karin wonders just who it’s frustrating for, because from the looks of things her brother seems to be doing just fine. So he can be a little moody and overprotective at times, and the whole giant sword-wielding, world-saving alter ego deal would undoubtedly put him at a disadvantage on the dating scene if he ever entered it in the first place (there’s baggage and then there’s that), but he seems to be a happy, healthy teenage male. Her sister, on the other hand, seems to have an unhealthy determination to become an aunt sooner rather than later. Karin wonders, not for the first time, how she can possibly be related to someone like Yuzu.

Her musings are interrupted by a rather loud thump as something crashes to the floor in the room above them. Karin and Yuzu both look up, confused and a tiny bit apprehensive: the room above the kitchen is Ichigo’s room. They glance at each other before looking at the ceiling once again. There’s a little shuffling and then nothing.

“It’s… just Tatsuki-chan up there,” Karin mutters, desperately reigning in her imagination. “Just Tatsuki-chan.”

“Uh huh,” agrees Yuzu. From the distant yet curious look in her eyes, however, Karin can tell her sister isn’t making nearly the same effort as herself. “Just Tatsuki-chan…”


(Thank you, everyone who read this. It was an absolute blast to write and I hope to be back sooner rather than with another project.)
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