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Rarewomen Letter
Dear [profile] rarewomen author,

Hello! Welcome! I'm glad you're taking part in this exchange and I'm glad you're here, taking a glance at the details of my requests. I'm excited to see what kinds of things you come up with!

I'm writing this so that you can get an idea for my preferences for each fandom. Some fandoms I've requested are fairly new for me, and some are not. If anything I have to say strikes your fancy, by all means, go with it! But if the contents of this letter only serve as a jumping off point for other ideas, that's completely awesome too.

I tried to put a number of fandom requests out there because I know that some of my requests are not very common fandoms. So I tried to give some options.

Request 1: Magic School Bus
Characters: Dorothy Ann, Phoebe, Keesha, Wanda

I love the entire cast of the Magic School Bus, but I really love the students, male and female alike. Seeing as this is a rare women fic exchange, I'm more than happy to focus on the girls of the class. All of the girls in the class have something strong to bring to the table.

I feel like there's so much potential in this series for untold stories. I love stories set during the show as well as those set afterwards when the students are teenagers or even adults. Gen fic is always amazing and there are so many gen stories to tell with the exploration of science and magic. Focusing on one particular character is great (like, what Phoebe thinks of the class on her first day at her new school or all of the reasons why Dorothy Ann loves physics), but multiple characters is also perfectly wonderful (like what happens when Keesha and Ralphie build a robot that takes over Tokyo). I'm not really into femslash for this fandom, and I particularly love Dorothy Ann/Carlos. As I said, though, I'm a big fan of gen fic and also fics where pairings exist but aren't the main focus of the story.

Request 2: New Girl
Characters: Jessica Day

This is a fairly new fandom for me, but I absolutely love everyone in the loft. My ideal fic for this fandom would include Jess, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt getting up to their usual crazy shenanigans (with a healthy dose of Jess/Nick UST as an undercurrent). Really, any crazy shenanigans would be great.

Request 3: Once Upon a Time
Character: Mulan, Belle

I would adore reading something about Mulan's backstory, either when she was off by herself or when she was traveling with Philip. There hasn't been enough of that for my taste in the actual show and I'd love to know more of what she got up to prior to questing with Aurora, Snow, and Emma. Mulan/Philip is not necessary, but I do love me some good UST.

As for Belle, I would also love to read more about her life between Rumplestiltskin and being captured by Regina/The Queen. There was at least one adventure in the show (where she met Mulan!), but I'd really love to hear about more adventures (because I know she had them). I would also love to read something more introspective about her time while she was locked up in the psych ward of the Storybrooke hospital. Mentions/explorations of her canon relationship with Rumplestiltskin are great but not necessary.

Request 4: Wizards of Waverly Place
Character: Alex Russo

This fandom is something of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I rather adore fic for it. I got into the fandom because of the Justin/Alex pairing, but any fic you write wouldn't have to be Jalex if that isn't your thing. I'm more than happy just having some quirky Russo sibling interaction (like, all of the mischief they get up to on their family vacations or what happens when they try to start a lemonade stand business one summer). Hell, I'd be happy to read a story about when Alex has to take up yoga during their wizarding studies. Pretty much, I love the Russos and any fic that has them being their loving, dysfunctional, magical selves would be greatly appreciated. I think there's a lot that could be explored with Alex and her relationships with family, friends, school, and magic. Like, Alex's first time using magic or Alex's first time seeing Justin or Uncle Kelbo using magic. Or, all of the times that Alex cleaned up Justin's mess instead of vice versa (and the one time Max saved them both).

Request 5: Doctor Who (2005)
Character: TARDIS, Idris

My absolutely favorite episode of Doctor Who is The Doctor's Wife with Idris, so I would love to read something about Idris/the TARDIS as a sentient being and what kinds of things it/she thinks about and experiences over the countless years of her/its existence. Mentions of various companions over the years is a bonus, especially the Ponds as I am overly fond of them.

Request 6: Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)
Character: Ogino Chihiro, Rin

This movie is quite possibly my favorite movie ever. I would love to read about Chihiro's life after her adventures with Yubaaba, Haku, and Zeniiba. How does she grow as a person while reconciling what she knows about the spirits with the modern world? Does she ever meet Haku again while she is alive? What about after death?

And Rin, what happens to her? How did she get to the bathhouse in the first place? Does she want to leave and if so, how does she go about doing that? What kind of adventures does she have? What were her days like before Chihiro arrived? What kind of a deal did she make with Yubaaba? She's a great, strong character and I would love to hear so much more about her.

Some general likes:
You might have gathered this by now, but I am a big fan of gen fic. I absolutely adore introspection and characters just having adventures as friends. I also love specific ships, usually het (some canon, some not), but that's not to say I don't read femslash. It's just not something I actively seek out unless I really get into a specific pairing. I absolutely adore character explorations and subtle relationships, as well as the exploration of concepts through the characters (like the beauty of a mathematical theory as displayed by the relationship between two characters). I love humor, I love fluff, I love friendship, I love UST. Banter is amazing. Bittersweetness to me is a winning combination of my love of happiness and my realistic expectations that things do go wrong in the world. Canon is great, but so are AU's or random concepts like Wanda-eats-Ms. Frizzle's-lunch-accidentally-and-can-suddenly-read-minds. I love fics that make me think or just make my brain go "WHOA!". I love it when characters are true to their awesome selves. I'm trying not to come off as too picky because frankly, I'm fairly easy to please. As long as things on my dislike list are avoided, I'm usually good.

Some general dislikes:
I'm good with explicit material, but not so much PWP. I'm not a big fan of things like dub-con, non-con, BDSM, beastiality, deathfic, suicide, outright dark/unhappy endings (angst and ambiguity is okay though)... those sorts of things. I'm a fan of mutual consent and no power plays, and many of those sorts of tropes tend to negate that.

So basically, there's not a whole lot that I won't read and enjoy. I hope that my ramblings have given you some ideas for potential fic plots, but as long as your fic bears at least some resemblance to things I talked about above, I will most certainly be ecstatic. I hope that whatever you write, you enjoy yourself during the process. I also hope that you receive a wonderful gift in return.

- aoife-hime
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