09 October 2013 @ 09:51 pm
Yuletide Letter  
Alright, Yuletide, I'm ready! Are you? To help you get prepared, here are my thoughts on some specific fandoms. Don't worry about sticking to the letter of my ramblings too much, though, because frankly I'm pretty easy to please :)

Specifics )

And now for some more general likes and dislikes. I love gen fic, love it to pieces. Character explorations, introspection, adventures, mysteries... all great things in my book. Subtleties are fantastic, as is the exploration of concepts through the characters (like the beauty of a mathematical theory as displayed by the relationship between two characters). But I love romance, too, so long as it's not too sappy and unrealistic. I love those awkward sorts of love where everything fits but the characters might not quite see it yet. Banter is for me like caffeine is for other people: it runs in my veins and I need it to live. Bittersweet is good but if the balance tips too much towards bitter with almost no sweet, that is less good. I'm really not a fan of anything with torture, unnecessary darkness (like, not in keeping with where a character is in canon), and non-consensual sex. I enjoy any rating of fic, so feel free to go where your muse takes you. I actually rather enjoy crossovers, so long as the crossovers keep all of the characters feeling true and one fandom or the other doesn't come off as flat. And that the crossover isn't completely unrealistic and hard to get my head around. Something like Polly running into the Hempstocks on a drive through the country would be fun, for example, because conceivably that could happen pretty easily in either book.

This all said, as I mentioned above, I really am easy to please. I've listed a number of questions/ideas that I have but by no means are these the only things you could explore within a fandom. Please, by all means, let your imagination run wild and have fun!!! I look forward to the results.